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March 7, 2012
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One More Time (Naruto OC) by YukikaChan One More Time (Naruto OC) by YukikaChan
Ack. I haven't drawn Yora in ages. @w@; I figured I would draw her last night when I found one of an old friend, =Hiota's, drawings of her OC. She was explaining how she made her character for her love of the series Naruto, and how really bad fans from the fandom would constantly give her crap on how her Oc was a "mary sue" and blablabla, and I have to agree. That shit was annoying. You couldn't draw anything from naruto without some little turd going "HURRDURR MARY SUE!!111!!11one1!" And it really kills the fun of drawing it.

: /

-shrug- All well. I personally stopped drawing naruto because not only was the series evolving into filler crap, but the fandom just got worse and worse. All of the friends I had into naruto (well, not all, but most) was in some sort of popularity contest to see who could gain the most popularity out of their character. I was just.. sick of it.

Finally, after I drew a piece for a contest, (from what I believe) the girl running it only picked the top three most popular people in the contest and not the best three entries. I felt the contest was rigged and the girl was only popularity hungry, and that was the last time I ever really drew anything from naruto ever since. That killed it for me. I was pissed. I ranked high up, but still, the more popular people won even though there were better entries.

Anyways, this picture is a dedication to one of my first anime series I got into, one of the most inspiring series I've ever seen, and a series that started me off in digital art, which is something I love.
I wish I didn't let the fandom bother me, but I still don't regret stopping drawing naruto. Drawing has become much more fun for me, because I do it for fun and not to match up to other popular artists. : /

Sorry for this long description. |D
Quick information on Yora:

Yoratenari (Yora) Tsukimoto comes from a small branch in a large clan. This small branch broke off and left to konoha to expand their knowledge and powers as ninjas, as well as rebel against the original clan line's obnoxious and crazy rules. Despite growing up hearing only bad things and smack talk about the main clan line, Yoratenari always had interest of going there. After assigned a mission with her team to go to the hidden moon village, all of the team members ended up splitting off and not following their orders, Mariko (Male, Yora's best friend, Yora is his love interest) cuts off a bit of yora's hair for a forbidden jutsu involving DNA merging, and runs off. Yora finds her original clan and stays for three years, training and living under the main clan, learning their ways. Due to their strictness, Yora was not allowed to cut her hair. It is believed in their clan that woman can carry any burden and aren't allowed to cut their hair, training them to fight better even when things are in the way. Before leaving, Yora had always been ditsy and quiet, focusing on minuscule things that weren't important. She didn't focus on her training at all, and because of this was very weak and vunerable. After staying with her clan, she seems to grow up and mature alot, becoming alot stronger. After returning to konoha, Mariko returns shortly after with the ability to use her clan's special moon chakra. He infused her DNA in order to steal her clan's special ability under the order of someone else. The two end up hating eachother, until they were put face-to-face in battle. Mariko nearly kills Yora before he realizes what he's done, and stops to revive everything again. He apologizes for what he's done, explains what happened, and that he always had feelings for her and blabla. |D In the end they get married, woo~
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I love her eyes!
Hey ( I'm from Germany...) and I've read the box and I can understand you... :3
I don't draw but it's kind of similar with some of my rp's. Especially when you draw and you put effort in it and all what people say are Mary Sue!! *&&(324*) comments..
But something different, a friend and me really like your picture and we would like to cosplay it!
My friend (Misa) Yora and me ... the girl next to her (Does she has a name?) So I would like to ask you, what she's wearing under the dress, because I don't know if it's just a short pants or a bandage like Yoras...
And I hope you'll be fine that we just "borrow" your characters, because we really would like to do it..qwq

(The Picture is sooo beautiful. *w*)
HinaSarutobi Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
TOO CUTE! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!
yukino-shira Apr 26, 2013
PendingSanity Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would it be to much to ask to draw my Akatsuki oc for me? ^^;
eveclark Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Love it
i love how simple yet beautiful your oc is. i wish i could draw like you can.
Wow. Just wow. Your artwork is amazing. She's amazing looking and I love her color scheme. She's really adorable. [link] I liked her story, but I laughed a little, because her love interest has the same name as my girl OC. I didn't realize stuff like that happened on devianart, not that I've been here very long. My sympathies.
IcyViviana Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
SOOO PRETTY!!!!!! Love it!~ I wish I could draw my characters like that ;D
Haha! Its okay. In that case, you are an amazing artist.
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